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Fishing rules

The fishing permit is personal and may not be handed over to another person. The permit is valid for one rod with a maximum of three hooks, and is valid for fishing by the hand. The fishing permit is not valid without a signature.

Permitted baits are maggots, worms and fragrance paste.
A one hook gaff is permitted to lift the fish out of the water.

A maximum of 10 game fish is allowed each day. Minimum measurement for game fish (char, brown trout and grayling) is 35 centimeters.

All other fishing is prohibited.

Children under the age of 15 may fish with a gaurdian on the same quota as the guardian.

Areas where fishing is not permitted is by the fish farm and by the in- and outflow of the lake.
Boats from other waters than lake Landösjön are prohibited.

Fishing takes place at one´s own risk.

Violation of the rules and the regulations will lead to suspension.

What is new?
By displaying 20 purchased day permits you will receive 1 day permit free of charge from the seller. The permits should be purchased and signed by the same person on different dates.
For a list of people selling fishing permits see the list further down on this page.
A fishing permit costs 100 SEK/day and can be bought either at a personal permit seller or at the vending machine outside the old shop "Landöbua" in Landön.



Fishing permits can be bought from:

Margareta Simonsson, Landön          
tel: +640-70037

Åke Lindell, Landön
tel: +640-70072

Jan Engstedt, Kittelberget
tel: +640-70024

John-Olof Johnsson, Enarsvedjan 
tel: +640-71051

Matts Eriksson, Lien 
tel: +640-38016

Gästis, Lillholmsjö 
tel: +645-41032



Fishing permits: 100 SEK/day